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We are busy building this page now so please do re-visit soon to see more content! Meanwhile, a sample to download to whet your corporate appetite - some articles are by our members, a few by Honorary Member David Clutterbuck:

What organisations probably should know, but often don't....

Developing a coaching culture at work:

See Clare Norman's blog on creating a coaching culture:

BlessingWhite, a division of GP Strategies, invites you to participate in a short independent study on coaching in the workplace. Are you receiving enough coaching at work? On what topics? With what kind of results?
If you do not manage others, this survey will take less than 3 minutes. If you do manage others, this survey will take less than 5 minutes. Click here to take the survey:
All responses are anonymous, and all their research is published free on the website. Be interested to know the results!

Supporting internal coaches effectively

It's important to continue to support internal coaches long after the initial training has been given, as they will come up against organisational and ethical issues. See Sara Hope's article 'Into Focus'. Sara's research into internal coaches reveals that self-management, self-reflection and their years of coaching experience are key factors in supporting them effectively. She also has a message for sponsors of internal coaching. Download the extract here. If you have any comment about this article do send a blog to:

  • Chain Reaction - an article by Sarah Gilbert, Michelle Lucas and Eve Turner sharing their peer supervision research, reflecting on their experiences, and raising questions for future debate. First published in Coaching at Work, December 2014.
  • When is a supervisor not a supervisor? A blog by Michelle Lucas

    Michelle outlines an approach she recently took to enable a group of internal coaches to access facilitation and aspects of supervision. Comprehensive or fit for purpose? You decide. Download the blog here What are your views on supervisor development? We’d love to hear how your experience has informed your stand-point. Do send a blog to

  • 'Good Enough' supervision - an article by Trish Brady

    The term 'Good Enough' supervision was introduced by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet in their book 'Supervision in the Helping Professions', to describe the way in which an appropriate and robust supervisory relationship 'holds' the practitioner. In this article Trish explores  a practical model of supervision based on her research and own experience in the field. She define the criteria necessary for an 'adequately trained' supervisor working inside an organisation, and has some robust guidance on the necessity of providing external supervision to internal coaches. Download the article here Trish is regional coordinator for AOCS in the North East of England, and co-learning director.

ROI and coaching:


Talent Development in Coaching & the Implications for Supervision featuring Antoinette Oglethorpe, recorded in March 2015 (click to upload, 60 mins), covering role of coaching in developing future leaders, dangers of organisation-focused talent management, implications for supervision. Antoinette's support slides are here to download.

Her two articles are also generously shared: Talent Management: the Missing Link and Accelerated Leadership Development report

Listen to her podcast series here:

Multi-Stakeholder Contracting Research: previous research conducted by members Eve Turner and Professor Peter Hawkins into multi-party contracting. Eve has kindly provided a summary of the research findings for you here and here are the presentation slides presented at Oxford Brookes Supervision Conference, July 2015. Coaching at Work article published January 2016.

If anyone would like to cite the research report then please do so as follows:  Turner, E. and Hawkins P. (2015) ˜Research Report on multi-stakeholder contracting for the AC, EMCC and ICF",  via

Supervision training

Accredited Supervision Training Providers list July 2016 - a helpful, quick guide to qualified courses, by our Learning Director (do send any courses/info we should add) to

Supervision training in the USA: If you are interested in finding out about training and accrediting supervisors, especially about our partner's forthcoming CSA accredited supervision programs in the US, contact CSA's US Programme Leaders, Sam Magill and Karyn Prentice. For more information, please email Karyn Prentice at:

News Update

AOCS current News Update is here to download if you missed it.
AOCS Members Learning Needs in 2016: we survey members needs every so often to check we are either enabling or supplementing their learning needs. Summary of this year's survey is here to download, competed by about a fifth of our membership. The survey showed that members have a wide variety of needs and meet these in many ways.

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