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This zone has been created to provide resources and links to important information about mentoring, and how it links with supervision.

Supervision can support the mentors role, and make the introduction of mentoring into any organisation more successful. Without supervision, where would a mentor take and resolve the tricky issues mentoring can bring up? Supervision provides a safe and confidential space for mentors to discuss ethical and other organisational dilemmas than can occur during and from mentoring discussions.

David Clutterbuck says that the mentor can help the mentee develop their own wisdom, emphasising “helping the mentee with the quality of their thinking about issues important to them”. David also comments on the emergence of ethical mentoring, the rise of the professional mentor, and the value of maternity mentoring to help mums make the transition back to work. See David's article below.

Meanwhile, a quote: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”

AOCS have a number of advisers and experts in this field who can guide you, including:

  • Emily Cosgrove - The Conversation Space
  • Sara Hope - The Conversation Space
  • Lis Merrick - internationally-renowned mentor expert & EMCC UK President
  • Mike-the-Mentor (aka Mike Monro Turner) of Jericho Partners
  • Julie Hay - internationally-renowned author and expert in TA
  • David Clutterbuck - the guru of Mentoring! (to whom we are all indebted)
  • Antionette Oglethorpe
  • Katharine St.John-Brooks

Some related resources are here:


STAMINa Mentoring Network Workshop

The STAMINa Mentoring Network Workshop on developing Sustainable Mentoring schemes on Thursday 27th April at the Headington Campus of Oxford Brookes University in G523. From 9.30 to 15.30. This workshop is free.

Download workshop schedule here.

If you would like to attend, please fill in the form.

The workshop is free to anyone interested in launching, revising, refreshing and sustaining a mentoring scheme. 

The STAMINa Mentoring Network is a network of mentoring scheme coordinators keen to share their knowledge and expertise on mentoring scheme management. We formed through a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University, Oxford University and Reading University and now includes a variety of other not-for-profit, educational, charity and business organisations.

We have a supporting website STAMINa Mentoring Network where we offer insights into mentoring through case studies, mentoring scheme resources and recommended reading. Enquiries to:


Case studies:

Blogs about mentoring:

Mentoring newsletters:

Best Practice in Mentoring series:

The Career Conversation Toolkit - Enabling Mentors to Have Quality Career Conversations - from Antionette Oglethorpe. Click to view slides

Find out more at: and listen to her podcast series here:

Get in touch:

Email: Telephone: +44 (0)191 286 4311 or +44 (0)7957 604783 LinkedIn: Twitter:

 Culture Change:

In October 2016, the Third Sector Coaching & Mentoring Forum was launched, hosted by Save the Children. Forty national and international charities had already asked to join the Forum, about how they use coaching and mentoring. 

If you know of any charities that might be interested in joining the Forum, do ask them to get in touch with me, Katharine St John-Brooks, at Membership is free.

Katharine’s profile is here:


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