Membership criteria

We are trying to keep our criteria to join as broad as possible, yet ensure that coaches can benefit from skilled and well-trained supervision.

We can confidently assure coaches and buyers of supervision that AOCS members are all trained and experienced in coaching supervison, additionally most are accredited, and all subscribe to a code of ethics and hold professional indemnity insurance (where this exists in their country of residence). They also retain membership of their own professional body and actively maintain their CPD.

So, as a minimum, our criteria are:

  • To have been trained by a recognised training school/academy/association, and have some practical experience of supervision
  • Be personally accredited as a supervisor by a recognised coaching body/association (or be in process towards accreditation)
  • Actively supervise others and/or wish to have more supervisees
  • Be in regular supervision themselves
  • Hold current professional indemnity insurance covering this type of work
  • Are currently in training to be a supervisor (must be a formal programme of learning recognised by AOCS, see our list of training providers)

If your background varies a lot from this criteria yet you feel you can offer significant support and benefits to coaches, please complete either the Affiliate or Associate Membership application form, to outline your alternative experience and/or qualifications.

AOCS cannot provide coaches with endorsements or recommendations when choosing a supervisor, so we suggest that you set up a short trial period with a new coach to see if you're compatible - just as coaches do with their new clients.


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