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Launch of new CPPD Network in January

Mon, Jan. 04, 2016 12:0013:00

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In keeping with our mantra to ‘promote, engage and develop’ with our members and non-members, AOCS are pleased to support the launch of a new peer network dedicated to developing ourselves as experienced supervisors.

We hope you will participate actively in order to deepen your practice and to stay at the leading edge of coaching supervision. Do contact member Eve Turner directly if you are interested.

Dear fellow AOCS members,

I am contacting you because, as an accredited supervisor (EMCC and APECS), I have been considering my development in relation to supervision. While there are countless opportunities for CPPD related to coaching, there seem less available related to supervision, apart from books, articles and occasional workshops/webinars. 

So I have been contacting qualified and experienced supervisors to see if anyone would be interested in being involved in the creation of what I am calling a ‘Supervision CPPD Network’ which is for qualified and experienced coaching supervisors, whose clients are coaches, mentors and consultants. 

I have used the phrase CPPD from APECS as it covers personal and professional development.  I am aware this can come in many ways.  What I have in mind is not about providing supervision for each other; instead I hope to create a virtual group of people who would be interested in sharing best practice, different approaches to supervision, talking about supervision ideas, tools, models, things they find helpful etc. and moving our practices forward and staying at the cutting edge. It’s not about being trained but is about development. 

Maybe out of it would come new ideas, even a book, but that is not my prime motivation.  After all, collectively we are the future of coaching and mentoring supervision!  Between us we will have huge expertise and have so much to share and I see this as a way of staying fresh. 

Of course we could, should we choose, invite people with specific expertise to engage with us as a network; so one person has already mentioned an external expert whom they would like to hear from, but I see us as the main resource.  Bath Consultancy Group used to run a Coaching Supervision Network which provided this form of CPPD, but these stopped in 2014 and I am not aware of anything else that is similar.  If you know of things that already exist, then please do share them! 

I have written to supervisors qualified from Bath Consultancy Group and Oxford Brookes University, and CSA have indicated their interest.  I have also involved coaches and mentors accredited through APECS and the AC so far. 

Is anyone interested in exploring this?  If so, please will you email me?  Thank you very much. 

Wishing you a great 2016
Warm regards
Eve Turner MSc, MBA, MMus
Accredited Master Executive Coach and Accredited Coach Supervisor, Coach Trainer and Facilitator
Winner of the Coaching At Work Best Research Article Award 2015
Tel. +44 (0)23 8051 0697 (work office)
Tel. +44 (0)7768 070361 (mobile)


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