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Global Supervision Network events for experienced supervisors - April 28th reminder

Thu, Apr. 28, 2016 18:0019:11

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Global Supervision Network events for experienced supervisors

This is a final reminder for the April 28th session on Ethics and the Global Code with David Sleightholm. Please contact Fiona and Eve if you would like to book.

Details of the sessions up to and including November are below.  The network uses Zoom to run its series of virtual webinars.

The pattern is 19.00 GMT/British time on Thursdays and 08.00 GMT/British time on Fridays. 12 people maximum and lasting 60 minutes unless otherwise indicated. If anyone would like to offer to run a festive session in December, please do get in touch with Fiona or Eve. 

Thank you very much and warm regards, 

Eve Turner: and Fiona Benton:

To request to join the network, please contact Eve and download the attached outline first.

Next event: 

APRIL 28th - ETHICS AND THE GLOBAL CODE (to which the AC and EMCC are the current signatories): David Sleightholm, EMCC International VP Quality

The previous session on ethics was oversubscribed with a waiting list. We have 5 places remaining for this session. David will explore the new code as a backdrop to a wider discussion on ethics. 

MAY 5th/6th - THE USE OF OUTDOORS IN SUPERVISION: Patti Stevens and Liz Ford

A facilitated discussion around using different spaces for supervision. We aim to identify the types of places people use and explore the benefits and challenges of such places. We will provide examples from our own practice and encourage others to share theirs. 


"Obedience keeps the rules. Love knows when to break them." (Anthony de Mello). "When you fink you are you ain't."  (from Mr God this is Anna) 

July 7th - Unconscious processes in supervision – a discussion led by Dr Mike Munro Turner

August 11th - Simon Western's Models of Discourse and supervision – a discussion led by Henry Campion 

September 15th (75 minutes) - The Secret Life of Groups – led by Christine Thornton (author of Group and Team Coaching – The Essential Guide) 

October 14th (90 minutes) - Supervision of Supervision – an exploration led by Julie Allen, Sarah Gilbert and Eve Turner 

November 24th/25th (no maximum numbers) - Coaching and Supervision: The Challenges of the Next 10 Years – a workshop and discussion led by Professor Peter Hawkins 

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